Independent Fashion: Top 3 Must Have Pieces for Winter 2017


Hello guys,
Happy new year everyone! Let's celebrate this new chapter talking about: Winter 2017 Top 3 Must Have Pieces from the Independent Fashion Industry.

Fashion is all about creativity and right now independent designers are conquering the fashion industry, lunching on the market innovative designs that are must-haves in any fashionista wardrobe from all over the world.

Today I'm partnering with StyleWe, that is an online fashion platform that features independent fashion designers, in order to empower them and give them the chance to communicate directly with the costumers.

I really love independent fashion brands, so this is why today I want to share with you my favourite
Top 3 Must Have Pieces that I personally picked from the StyleWe platform,

          FRINGED COAT          
Howl Studio

The brand Howl Studio focuses on casual designs and high quality materials, creating unique pieces through high-end laser cut process, panel detail and materials matches.
One of the best pieces of its Winter 2017collection, is for sure this black wool coat with fringed details in white and blue that make this sleek and simple coat a super fashionable piece.

         PLAID MIDI DRESS        
Even Though

Even Though is a fashion brand founded by designer Alae in June 2012 under the motto "Elegant, Confident, Free". The creative philosophy of the brand is easy glamour in the form of breezy silhouette and this dark blue plaid midi dress with spaghetti straps from its Winter 2017 line, embodies perfectly Even Though style concept.

Masked Queen

The brand Masked Queen gets its inspiration from woman metamorphosis and designer Teresa aims to transform every woman into a queen trought her style creations.
For Winter 2017, the brand focuses on geometrical designs and presents this asymmetrical white skirt with black hem and matching belt, that is perfect for a versatile wardrobe of a contemporary woman.

...and this is it for today!
I hope you found this blogpost interesting and that you discovered some new independent brands.

Let me know in the comments down below which is your favourite must have piece for Winter 2017 and don't forget to check out StyleWe Instagram and StyleWe Blog for more independent fashion inspirations and to get their latest offers (like their "shop trench coat now" section).

Always be adventurous,

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  1. Love the skirt so much.

  2. Love this inspo!

  3. Me ha gustado mucho éste post.

  4. Yes! Love these trends!

  5. I like the skirt and mini-dress too!!!

  6. I love the first coat is super cute

  7. Loved the plain midi dress and ASYMMETRICAL SKIRT

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