Fall Fashion Trends 2016 - Autumn Fashion and Outfit Ideas


Hello guys,
Today I want to talk about Fall Fashion Trends 2016.

Fall fashion is always rich in textures, structures, designs and new ideas, so today I want to share Autumn 2016 trends and must haves, as seen on the runways as well as in the street style department.

#1    V E L V E T

#2   F U Z Z Y   C O A T 

#3 P L E A T E D   M I D I   S K I RT

 #3   L E O P A R D   P R I N T 

#4   R U F F L E S 

#5 B A L L E T   S T Y L E


..and this is it for today!
Let me know in the comments down below which is your favourite Fall 2016 trend.

Always be adventurous,

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8 commenti

  1. I'm all about these fall trends! great picks!

  2. I love these trends, happy to say I have them all :)


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