The Best Gelato in Rome: 6 Top Gelateria Guide 2016


Hello guys, I'm an ice cream lover and today for my lifestyle & travel section, I want to share with you my TOP 6 Gelateria in Rome.

I was born and raised in Rome, so in my entire life I've tried tons of different ice creams and trust me in this blogpost you will find only the best Gelaterie in town, including artisan ice cream shops and vegan ones too!
Since I'm in love with all these ice cream shops, I'm not going to make a proper Top 6 'cause it would be too hard for me, so without further ado let's just get into the "Best Gelato in Rome" list. 

   O t a l e g    

One of the best artisan gelateria in town, when you enter the store, the first thing you see is the laboratory, the big glass window let everyone see for themselves the whole production and transformation process, starting with raw materials. 

Location: Via Dei Colli Portuensi, 594
My Favourite Flavours: All chocolate flavours and pistacchio iraniano

   L a   R o m a n a   

La Romana gelateria is all about IGP ingredients and organic milk.
Definitely their ice cream has the most creamy texture of all the ice creams I ever tried. 
La Romana is one of my favourite ice cream shops also because you can choose between dark chocolate or white chocolate to put inside of your cone and 3 different kinds of whipped cream to put on top of your gelato, all included in the price!
Also, the shabby chic gelateria design is a plus for all instagram and pinterest passionates. 

Location:  Via 20 Settembre 60
                 Via Ostiense 48
                 Via Cola di Rienzo 2

My Favourite Flavours: Bacio di dama con mandorle tostate, Ricotta e fichi carammellati

   P i c o   G e l a t o   

Pico Gelato motto is "naturally good" and their products are food colourings and artificial additives free. The artisan ice cream maker, Gustavo Fabian Sosa, is South American and one of his best creations is for sure the "Dulce de Leche" flavour.
This is one of my favourite ice cream shop also because it has Vegan and Gluten Free options too!

Location: Largo 21 Aprile 1 
My Favourite Flavours: Dulce de Leche, Equador Chocolate, Vegan Pistacchio

   C r u d o   e   M a n g i a t o   

The first raw + organic + vegan icecream shop in Rome! I'm in love with Crudo and Mangiato philosophy, they use only not processed ingredients and fruits, organic coconut sugar, raw cocoa beans and almond milk. 
In this ice cream shop you don't simply eat ice cream but there is a proper tasting ritual: first of all they give you a water glass, then a raw biscuit to prime your taste and then you can eat the ice cream served on an organic tray.
If you are not vegan, don't worry! The ice cream is tasty that you will love it! 

Location: Via della Lega Lombarda 9 
My Favourite Flavours: Raw chocolate and Apple&Cinnamon

   C r e m e r i a    A u r e l i a   

Cremeria Aurelia is an artisan gelateria that only uses organic brown sugar and natural ingredients. 
The ice cream makers Vinicio Luzietti and Nathalie Hugo prepare tasty tradition flavours and unique flavours too, such as Cinnamon&Ginger, and Spiced Moroccan The
Cremeria Aurelia also has amazing Vegan options and my favourite flavour is for sure Vegan Huzelnut.

Location: Via Aurelia 398
My Favourite Flavours: Vegan Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate, Figs

   G e l a t e r i a    D e l   T e a t r o    

In Rome city center, near Piazza Navona there is Gelateria Del Teatro, an artisan ice cream shop that follows the seasonal cycle to create its flavours, using natural ingredients to create quality ice creams, such as Dark Chocolate & Avola Red Wine, Bronte Pistacchio and White Chocolate & Basil.
I'm passionate at lavender and this is the first gelateria ever where I found Lavender&White Peach flavour, that is super tasty!

Location: Via dei Coronari 65/66
My Favourite Flavours: Lavender&White Peach, Bronte Pistacchio

And this is it for today, I hope you found this blogpost interesting!
Let me know in the comments down below if you ever tried one of these gelaterie or which one would you like to try!

Always be adventurous,

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