How to organize your life in 2016


Hello guys,
2016 is here and it's the perfect time to make some good changes to improve ourselves.
So today I want to share with you 5 tips to organize your life.
1.    T I D Y    U P    Y O U R    S P A C E

Being surrounded by caos makes you feel anxious and stressed, so commit yourself to tidy up your entire house once a month, giving away unnecessary objects, clothes and random items you piled up during the month before.

2.    F O O D    S H O P P I N G    L I S T 

The result of going to the supermarket without a clear idea of what to buy is that you will fill your fridge with unnecessary and unhealthy products. To get a better lifestyle try to plan as much as possible your weekly meals and go to your local supermarket with a detailed food list.
You will save up money while eating healthy. 

3.    B U I L D    Y O U R    O W N    P I N    B O A R D 

Daily we flood our brain with lots of ideas, dreams, goals but we let them sit at the bottom of our minds without giving them a concrete form. DON'T.
Give your projetcs and ideas a shape while putting them on a pin board, having them all displayed in front of your eyes will push you to make more effort to make them come true. 

4.    D I S C O N N E C T 

Dedicate one hour at night to yourself, turn off your phone, computer, TV and just relax.
Take a bath, read a book, do some crafs and recollect all the feelings you felt during that day reflectiong on how to improve your next day.

5.    W A L K    A W A Y 

Walk away from all the people or situations that make you fill like you are misarable, not worthed, not enought. Let's not be afraid of changes because letting go what is poisoning our lives means getting a better future.

And that's it for today, I hope you found this post interesting!
Let me know in the comments down below what do you think about and if you will try to put into practice at least one of my tips.

I wish you an amazing 2016,

Always be adventurous,   

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12 commenti

  1. Lovely inspiration!! Thanks for stopping on my blog =)

    xx L.

  2. Thank you Amelie, are you gonna try some of these tips?

  3. Very inspiring! I'm trying the closet organization and always go to the store with a grocery list. Thanks for writing this Eva!


    1. You are doing good! Have an amazing day ;)

  4. Thanks for the tips, they will definitely come in handy!


  5. Great post !!!Happy weekend , I wait for my blog,now i follow you on gfc and instagram i hope you follow me too!!!

  6. ottimi consigli!!

    1. Grazie! se ne metti in pratica qualcuno, fammi sapere come ti trovi <3
      Ti seguo su Bloglovin' ;)

  7. i consigli che sono sempre vivi!ho deciso di organizzarmi e creare il mio spazio a casa e mi sono ispirata da questo e finalmente l'ho fatto e non sai quanto sono felice! :-)



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