6 Ideas For Mix & Match Bridesmaids Dresses


Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to be talking about a tricky topic: Wedding & Braidesmaids Dresses
and I want to give you a few ideas on how to make braidsmaids look unique!

According to me choosing braidesmaid outfits could be even more difficult than choosing the wedding dress because there are lots of thing to considerate, let's make a list:

  1. Braidesmaids dresses should get along with the wedding theme.
  2. Braidesmaids dresses should also get along with the bride's wedding dress style.
  3. At the same time braidesmaids dresses should not be too bold or too colorful because they will take the attention away from the bride and we don't want that, at all!
  4. Braidesmaids dresses should be chosen according to each braidesmaids body type and picking just one type of dress will not look good on everyone.
  5. Braidesmaids dresses should not be the same colour of the bride's wedding dress.
  6. Braidesmaids dresses should be also picked by  taking in consideration each braidesmaid personal style and preference because we all want our girls to be comfortable in their own skin and feel beautiful

Considering all the points listed above, these are a few tips you can use:

  • Choose  pastel colour dresses, expecially dusty pink, because it matches all skin tones
  • Choose different styles to suit every braidesmaids body type
  • Choose different textures and volumes to give an unique touch
  • Choose all the dresses form just one brand in order to have a smoother and coherent style.

Talking about where to get braidesmaids dresses, we all know that there are a tons of brands and shops to choose from but at the same time we struggle between high end brands with flawless dresses but insane prices and cheaper brands with cheap quality.

To me a really really good brand that has an amazing wedding collection at good prices is Aisle Style, it's an UK brand with thousands of dresses perfect for any type of wedding and occasion.
Aisle Style is an international leader in the wedding sector in the past 20 years so you will be sure to get a glamourous dress with high quality materials.
Also I fell in love with their 2016 bridesmaid dresses collection, both the design and style are flawless.

Now let's get practical and see :
6 Ideas for perfect Mix&Match Bridesmaids Dresses

1.The Tall Braidesmaid
Natural Short Ball Gown Satin Zipper Bridesmaid Dress
We all have the tall friend, the one that has super long legs and what better way to show off all her qualities then choosing for her a short ball gown dress, this being strapless, sleaveless and short makes a perfect volume balance especially on a tall girl. 

2. The Short Braidesmaid
Shoulder Straps Natural Floor-length Sheath Zipper Bridesmaid Dress
While styling a short girl (yes, me included!) we have to be careful about lines and volumes, this floor lenght dress has a really simple line that makes the figure looks slimmer, the V neck and the floor lenght makes your look taller and ta-daaa you are as tall as a model in a few seconds!

3. The Simple Braidesmaid
A-line Zipper Floor-length Sweetheart Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dress
The simple braidesmaid is the one that on her daily life doen't like to wear make up or fancy clothes and forcing her to wear a super sexy and bold outfit will let her feel uncomfortable all day, so choose a really simple and sleek dress but of course with a little detail that will make her stand out.
This A-line Sweetheart dress will be perfect for her.

4. The Curvy Braidesmaid
Zipper Satin Floor-length V-neck Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dress
The curvy girl has lots of qualities that a dress have to enhance and this satin floor-lenght dress is perfect for her because the V neck shows bobbies but not too much of them, the little waist detail makes her waist line look fabulous and the sleek line at the bottom gives a good blance at the entire figure. She will look awsome!

5. The Sporty Braidesmaid
Knee-length Zipper A-line Satin Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dress
The sporty girl wants to stay comfortable even at a wedding so a super simple dress is the one for her! But of course she also wants to look elegant and a knee-length, a little dusty pink belt and neck details on the dress will be the perfect choice for her.

6. The Girly Braidesmaid
Natural A-line Jewel Vintage Tulle Bridesmaid Dress
I'm not gonna lie the girly-girl look is my favourite especially at weddings and the perfect dress for this type of girl has to have some bling and tulle, like this A -Line dress with a vintage vibe and some jewels and tulle that give a romantic touch at the entire outfit.

And that's it for today!
I hope you found this post useful and of course let me know what's your favourite dress or what type of bridesmaid would you be.
Of course, check out Aisle Style website to get more inspirations or infos about the dresses!

                                                               Always be adventurous,  

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  2. So beautiful! I love the pale colors


  3. Such a helpful post! I'm not planning on getting married any time soon but I still like to dream about my perfect wedding sometimes! :D These pastel coloured dresses are beautiful and I think they're the perfect choice for bridesmaids dresses! :)

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    1. I'm glad you like it! I'm not planning to get merried neither but I love talking about wedding planning and stuff like that :)

  4. Such a comprehensive post on bridesmaid styles, love all the example you picked out! Thanks for sharing!


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