How To Style: Acid Wash Denim


Hello guys,
In today's how to style post, I'm going to show you how to wear acid wash denim for Spring 2018.

We all know that denim goes with everything, but acid wash denim can be a little bit trickier to pair.
When it comes to unique patterns or textures I like to use the most outstanding piece as the focus of my look and then pair it with sleek and neutral items.

So for this spring look (shooted in a cloudy and chilly day, because sadly here in Rome spring hasn't arrived yet) I paired my new pair of acid wash skinny jeans with a simple and comfy light grey sweater. To spice up the outfit I decided to use playful and metallic accessories such as metallic bag and sneakers as well as silver jewelry.

As you know I'm a huge fan of Esmara by Heidi Klum collection and I'm super happy that I collaborated with the brand once again.
My new jeans, sweater and sneakers are from the latest collection called 'Let's Denim' created in collaboration with Lidl and it is inspired by spring in LA and Californian style.
The collection landed at Lidl on March 8th, so if you are interested in discovering more you can go to any Lidl store and check the collection out.

...and this is it for today!
Let me know what do think about my 'How To Style: Acid Wash Denim' post and let me know in the comments down below how you usually style acid wash jeans.

Always be adventurous,

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18 commenti

  1. Mi piacciono i lavaggi così chiari nei jeans! A me piace abbinarli praticamente con tutto, sono il mio capo d'abbigliamento di tutti i giorni! Mi piace la felpa che hai scelto, tono su tono!

    1. Ciao Roberta, grazie mille sono contenta che il mio look ti piaccia! Io solitamente opto per dei lavaggi medio-scuri, ma devo dire che ora mi sto appassionando anche a quelli più chiari. un bacione :)

  2. Cute look! The acid wash are so fun!


  3. I agree, acid wash denims are definitely more tricky to match. I think I last wore mine with a white top. Love your sweater though!

  4. You look so beautiful!! I love your outfit!
    Hugs ♥
    Liana Laurie

  5. Lovely outfit!

  6. Jeans and Chucks are very cool :-*

    Melanie /

  7. ottimo look! mi piaccono questi jeans acid wash , le sneakers di color argento sono fantastici-hai creato il mio outfit preferito per i weekend.

  8. Those acid wash skinny jeans looks fabulous. I would love to wear these. Some people like to wear formal jeans but I love to get a Denim every 3 months.

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