Hello guys,
are you Instagram lovers? I am!
And today I'll unveil 5 unusual Insta spots in Rome you must go take pictures.

I was born and raised in Rome so I know the city pretty well but when it comes to Instagram I'm always looking for new spots and unique places I've never been before, 'cause Colosseum and Spanish steps are beautiful but Rome is way more than that.

So in today's post I'm gonna share with you some of my favourite Insta-worthy places that I scouted in the last couple of years working for my Instagram (check out my account @evaredson). Are you ready to grab your camera and take amazing pictures? Let's go!


Città del Sole is a new neighborhood that was built just a few months ago for the redevelopment of the area between Tiburtina station and Verano. Silver, metal and glass are the tones of this modern urban spot with tall buildings and fengshui inspired fountains.
It was a random day when I discovered this place by chance and it instantly became one of my favourite places to take pictures at.


MAXXI museum located in Via Guido Reni 4, is way more than a simple museum. The project, created by Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, is a mix of curving walls, intersections and different volumes. The minimalist lines and colours of this area are perfect for any kind of pic and for sure it is one of my go-to Insta-worthy places.


Last summer I was looking for a nautical place to take some pictures at and I discovered Rome's Tourist Harbor located in Ostia, a neighborhood by the sea.
This place has a super nice atmosphere and it's great for summer inspired photoshoots thanks to nice boats, little nautical shops and cactus plants spread all over.


If you are looking for some street art and edgy feels, definitely go to Pigneto neighborhood, in this urban area there are lots of colorful graffiti and the spot I love the most is the one with the pink& white art work. Also if you need some urban jungle vibes, you can also find two banano trees in the neighborhood but I won't tell you where they are. Go there and spot them!


Piazza Caprera and all the little streets in the neighborhood are one of my favourite places to go when it is spring. Why? Because the area is full of lovely colorful houses and nice trees, plants and flowers, especially palm trees and bouganville plants.

...and this is it!
Let me know what do you think about my "5 Unusual Insta Sport in Rome" and if you ever been there or if you what to go and take some cool photos.
For sure, if you visit these places send me your pic, I'm super curious to see your work!
Also make sure to check out my Instagram account @evaredson to discover more.

Always be adventurous,

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  1. Beautiful photos! These all look like great locations for photos x


  2. Outfit super carini!! :)



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