My Winter 2018 Skincare Routine


Hello guys,
Today's beauty post is all about skincare!

To me skincare is a very import part of my daily beauty routine, it always has been, so I carefully choose what products to use according to which ingredients are used in them and my skin type.

Of course, my routine changes following seasonality and my skin needs, and today I'll share my updated skincare routine for Winter 2018 season.

My morning routine starts with an aloe-based combo from Phytorelax's Sebum Aloe Vera line, gently cleansing my face using the Purifying Face Cleanser with organic aloe vera & white willow bark extract, and then prepping my skin for make up applying the Balancing Anti-Shine Gel Cream.

At the end of the day, when it's time to get rid of my make up, I start by removing my eyes and lips make up by gently using a cotton pad soaked with Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water.

Then I use the latest new entry in my skincare routine: the Microfiber Cloth (yes, the one you use around your house!) It might seem crazy, but this cloth is able to remove any trace of face make up, leaving your pores clean.
So, I damp the cloth with some warm water and using the same Purifying Face Cleanser by Phyorelax, I get rid of all the make up I had on my face.

Now it is time to moisturize and I'm not gonna lie, I don't usually use an eye cream but I directly use a hydrating night cream, and right now I apply every night Alverde's Hydro Cream Gel.

If I feel that my skin needs some extra purifyng action, I mix 2/3 drops of Tea Tree Oil to my night cream.

I usually do one face mask per week and I choose which one to use, analyzing my current skin situation.

My top 3 face masks are:

  1. Schaebens' Anti-bacteric mask
  2. Phyorelax Lux Lift Argan mask,
  3. DIY Organic Clay Mask

Talking about scrubs, I often make my own one mixing sugar + organic almond oil. But, if I'm in a rush I love using Infinite Aloe's RX Scrub.

What I do once a month is also an at-home-peeling using Perfect Image's peels. If you want to discover more about how it works and what are the benefits of using peelings, check out my previous blog post "MY AT-HOME PEELING EXPERIENCE - WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW".

So, this is it for today!
Let me know what do you think about "My Winter 2018 Skincare Routine" and which are your Winter 2018 skincare essentials.

Always be adventurous,

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  1. Skin care is a huge thing this winter, & I'm so glad! I love the cleansing water!


  2. Great skin is a must!! Looks like a good routine looking at your skin. Keep it up girllll....!

  3. fantastic routine

  4. I should better keep more importance to my routines :-*

    Melanie /

  5. Thanks a lot :D

    all products sounds fantastic dear :D I'm super curious with micelair water :D

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  6. Great skin care routine! You should try The Ordinary! :)

  7. your skin routine sounds good to me!

  8. So many interesting products! I want to try that Phytorelax brand <3

  9. Bardzo ciekawe kosmetyki, super recenzja :)


  10. ottimo post,i prodotti molto interessanti.

  11. This is the very rare and unique info for all peoples because its benefits is its find on google so easy and i have share this info with friends because its really so educational info
    How to Take Care of Skin in Winter Naturally

  12. Very nice read and thoughs indeed. Most important thing is to have constant look for your skin and overal health. I am always using smudge proof eyeliner or similar products for my make up, and I dont'have any problems.



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