Christmas Gift Guide 2017 - 10 Best Present Ideas For 10 Types Of People


Hello guys and hello December!
We all know that December means Christmas season, so it is time to think about present ideas, but don't worry I got you covered!

Today I'm going to share with you my Gift Guide 2017, featuring unique presents ideas I really like and that would be perfect for 10 types of people we all have in our lives.

So, let's get started!


A fashionista's dream is to receive for Christmas something that she can wear right away, something stylish and a little bit crazy. So why not buy to your fashionista friend a pair of super glamorous Marabu / Fluffy Mules , that she can pair with a silk slip dress and rock at New Year's Eve party while dancing 2017 away?


The organic beauty lover is the one that always looks for new cruelty free and high quality products and I think that a beauty box would be the perfect gift.
The Italian organic brand Phytorelax just launched its new fragrance line, creating 4 Special Edition Eau De Toilette Boxes.
Inside each gift box there is both the fragrance and the related scented natural shower gel, I have all 4 of them and my favourite scent is the Pepe Rosa & Pera one.


One of the toughest gifts to buy is the one for the guy that already has everything, because of course he already has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. But I'm sure that he doesn't have a wood watch.
Wood watches are a symbol of modernity and sustainability and right now they are becoming more and more popular, so for me this is the perfect gift for this type of person.
For example, I gifted Frankie 35 Series in Zebrawood and Champagne by JORD to my father for his birthday and he really loved it, also because I added a personalized engraving to the watch.
This is my instant gift code for you to use on Jord Website (click here)


The astrology passionate loves everything related to sun, moon, stars, constellations and horoscope symbols. I'm an astrology passionate too and I'd love to receive a ring or a necklace from Wanderlust+Co's Zodiac Series, especially the Virgo Zodiac Gold Ring.


Every home decor obsessed person always looks for new interior decor pieces according to the latest trends and the current season. Since Christmas is all about kitchen, food and metallic colors, to me one of the best gifts could be gold cutlery, that can be used during the various holiday lunches and dinners.

#6   THE ARTIST   

The artist is the one that doesn't like ordinary presents, he/she prefers something creative and unique. So, what do you think about Hand Hooks by artist Harry Allen?
As soon as I saw these hooks, I fell in love with them! Hand hooks are so unique and they are very useful while also are an amazing decor piece.


Creative kids need to have fun using colors and different materials, in order to create little pieces of art. A coloring book is a great idea, because they can use various tecniques to fill blank images and Flying Tiger has the coolest coloring book ever, featuring mandala images.


The one with a zen soul loves to surround himself/herself with a relaxing yet inspiring atmosphere, maybe also adding some delicate scents to his/her home. So this is why I think that a Home Diffuser would be an extraordinary gift for this type of person.
My favorite home diffusers are the ones from ZenSense.


The day dreamer kind of person gets lost in his/her own thoughts, flying to other dimensions and feeling strong emotions. For a day dreamer a poetry book is the perfect tool to stimulate imagination,  and according to me, modern poetry book 'Milk and Honey' by Rupi Kaur is one of the best.

The fierce make up lover will love to receive Holiday 2017 season's biggest trend: Metallic Lipsticks.
Lots of high-end and low-cost brands are producing metallic lipsticks for F/W 2017-18 and I have to say that I'm a huge fan! I already bought Metal Shock Lipstick #1 by Essence, that is a lovely rose gold/copper shade.


The outdoorsy person is someone who loves having fun while exploring new places, so one of the best present ideas would be a Kick Scooter. This is the perfect gift for every adult or kid that enjoys spending time in the open air and if you are looking for some pieces of advice, I recommend you to check out Proscotersmart review and discover the top 9 kick scooters on the market.

...and this is it for today!
Hope you found this blogpost inspiring, let me know what do you think about my Christmas 2017 Gift Guide and also if you are looking for some more beauty/fashion/lifestyle related present ideas check out my "Wishlist" Pinterest board.

Always be adventurous,

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  1. These are awesome gifts! My son loves coloring so I need to check this book out. Love that lipstick for myself!

    1. Hello Kathrine! Yes, I think your son will love the coloring book :) and of course you derserve a new metallic lipstick to add to your collection xx

  2. beautiful selection, love the clock

    1. Thanks sweety! Yes the wood watch is so cool :)

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    super nice sellection my friend :D Love the jewerlly :D

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  4. Me encanta el post, me parece super original! Además las fotos son una pasada, definitivamente me quedaré por aquí. Sigue así :)

  5. I really LOVE all these stunning gift ideas!!

  6. Very cool ideas and Inspiration .-*

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  7. Muy buenas ideas! Cualquier opcion es un acierto!
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  8. Such a cute guide! Loved your suggestions. <3

  9. such a pretty post girl these ideas are wonderfull thanks for sharing.. online shopping in pakistan online shopping pk

  10. I would accept every single one of the presents! :) I love your selection!

  11. Ottime idee, grazie per questi suggerimenti!! :)



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