Altaroma July 2017: My Top 3 Best Fashion Shows


Hello Guys,
As you all know, I attended ALTAROMA Rome's Fashion Week, seeing lots of amazing fashion shows, and in this post I want to share with you My Top 3 Fashion Shows.

Attending a fashion show is always a magical experience and every collection gives you a different feeling and lives you with a special sensation. During ALTAROMA July 2017 edition lots of young designers as well as famous ateliers presented their collections, showing to the public their high quality creations that reflect their own style philosophy, so each line was very different from each other and this was absolutely beautiful.

Having said that, after sitting watching all the fashion shows, looking around the backstages and attending the collection's presentations, there are three brands that stole my heart and left me stunned and mesmerized by the beauty and grace of their creations. These are my top 3:

Plus-que-parfait Collection | SS2018

Designer Anna Francesca Ceccon embraces 60's style for her latest collection, drawing inspiration from her grandmother aesthetic sense and creating iconic pieces that feature a colorful palette, clean lines and contemporary designs with a retrò attitude.

Stardust Collection | FW2018

Stardust collection confirmed all the expectations about Rani Zakhem talent, because the designer presented once again unique creations made of elegance and magnificence. The collection's symbol is the star, that embodies pure liquid light, fireworks and sparkles that illuminate every single piece of the line, enhancing the beauty of gowns and dresses in silk, tulle, chiffon and organza.

The Enchanted Garden  | Haute Couture 2017

For the presentation of his latest collection, designer Gianni Molaro turned his atelier into an enchanted garden where orchids, hydrangeas and agave plants as well as pink flamingos merge with majestic haute couture dresses inspired by the love for nature and embellished with velvet, amber, crystals and agave leaves.

...and this is it for today!
I hope you found my "Altaroma July 2017: My Top 3 Best Fashion Shows" interesting, let me know in the comments down below which is your favourite collection!

Always be adventurous,

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  1. Such a great post and pics! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Whoa, must be so fun attending fashion shows. I love the collection that you showed here.

  3. Such a cool event, Amazing fashion shows!
    Love, Paola.

  4. So cool you get to attend this event!! Very jealous :)


  5. everything looks so beautiful!




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